Thursday, September 1, 2011

Training Techniques For Yorkshire Terriers Puppy

Since all toy and small breeds of dogs can be a challenge to housetrain, getting off on the right foot with training is really important with Yorkshire Terriers. Yorkie breeders may have already started some basic training, particularly if the Yorkie dogs or puppies are a bit older or past the minimum 8 week mark of when they can be removed from the mother and litter. Teacup Yorkies, although they stay small all their lives, still need to be trained for safety purposes as well as to have a wonderful, well-behaved companion.

While sit, come, lie down and stay are the most common tricks that Yorkshire Terriers are taught, there are some other tricks that are add-ons to these basic tricks that can be a great way to add variety to training routines as well as keep your dog engaged in learning. Yorkie breeders are always concerned when selling Yorkshire Terriers, be it standard, toy or Teacup Yorkies to owners that seem to want a doll, rather than a dog.

While Yorkies are cute and loving and make ideal companion pets, they are lively, athletic and very intelligent dogs that need to be given the chance to really be active pets. Although mostly a show and companion dog now, the Yorkshire Terriers are true terriers at heart. They love to be challenged, to learn new things and to get a chance to be a dog. Allowing Yorkie dogs to work in different areas, to complete different training routines and to learn new tricks is an ideal way to keep training fun for both the dog and the owner.

The reality of training Yorkshire Terriers is that you need to be able to spend time with them, and provide more attention to the pet than you would have to give to many other breeds. In return for this attention and affection, you will have a loving and loyal companion that will be with you and your family for fifteen or more years. Working with the pet and using the Yorkie dog's natural instincts, behaviors and interests is important in successful training. Yorkie breeders can often provide a great deal of insight into how to successfully work with your Yorkie, regardless of his or her age.

Yorkshire Terriers that have developed bad habits will have to both unlearn and then relearn new tasks, so teaching the right way the first time is important.

Yorkshire Terriers will have the hunting instinct of all terriers, and may be a bit difficult to train, but will be highly intelligent and able to figure out how to get in and out of cupboards, how to find treats where they are hidden, and how to find the right place to sit in your lap for hours on end. They will be great dogs with your older children, and will learn to play with other pets in the family with a little training and socialization.

Training techniques for Yorkshire Terriers that are recommended by most Yorkie breeders are those that are positive, focused on developing a bond between the dog and the owner, as well as avoiding over stressing or being overly demanding of the dog. As a terrier the Yorkie dog's will have a natural hunting instinct and will also be prone to chasing, so training in quiet, distraction free areas when learning new tricks is essential.

Not all Yorkshire Terriers can learn the same tricks, so watching your dog's natural behavior and then deciding what tricks would work into your training routine based on that observation is the best training technique of all. Once the Yorkie dog's understanding of what you want is developed, he or she will be willing to work with you to learn all sorts of variations and add-ons to the basic tricks.

Many Yorkie breeders and Yorkie owners strongly recommend a puppy obedience class for a Yorkie. If you have a Teacup Yorkie, consider a class for toy or small sized dogs where he or she won't feel intimidated or possibly risk injury with much larger puppies. In larger cities and areas there are often several different groups that offer training, consider asking your breeder which one he or she would recommend. Always talk to the trainer in advance to make sure that you can attend a class for smaller sized puppies.

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